(1) PARCELS [Assessment Parcels]          feature type (polygon)



FIELDS                       DESCRIPTION


AREA                          Calculated area of polygons (metric)


(Expanded file size is approximately 27.8mb combined)




(2) SINGLE [Single Line Street Network]     feature type (line)



FIELDS                       DESCRIPTION


FULLNAME                Full street name

TONAME                    Full TO street name

FROMNAME              Full FROM street name


(Expanded file size is approximately 2.8mb combined)




(3) CITYBNDLIN [City Boundary]                  feature type (line)



FIELDS                       DESCRIPTION


LENGTH                     Calculated line length (metric)


(Included in "Topo")




(4) TOPO 2015 [2015 TOPO DATA]           feature types (line, polygon, point)



FIELDS                       DESCRIPTION


AREA                          Calculated area of polygons (metres)

CELL_NAME              Name of Cell or Symbol

ELEVATION               Height value in 3D files

FEAT_CODE              Comparable to the original Ontario Base Mapping codes     

LAYER_NAME           Name of layer

LENGTH                     Calculated line length (metric)

NAME                         Name of feature

ROTATION                 Rotation angle of feature

TEXT_ANGLE            Rotation angle of text 

TEXT_SIZE                Text size

TEXTSTRING            Text

YEAR                          Year building added or revised


See "Topo 2015.mdb" MS Access file for shape file names, layer name, feature code,

description, and feature type for all 2D and 3D features.


NOTE: The polygon data in the RoadPoly, StrctPoly, VegePoly and WtrPoly files is for convenience only. The vector data may occasionally appear to not match the actual line work due to the generalization process employed for simplicity. When accuracy is more relevant please use the original line work data for your project.


(File sizes vary)