This data product is provided under world-wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to use, modify, and distribute the datasets in all current and future media and formats for any lawful purpose.  Prior to using this product, please ensure that you read and understand the information provided in the Terms of Use – Open Data document which is provided with this data.


This disc contains topographic GIS data together with additional supporting GIS and non-GIS data.  The data is organized into six folders as described below:










Contains Digital Elevation Model (DEM) complete with break lines split into 2 Km square tiles and provided in Bentley Microstation v7 (DGN) format.


136 files



Street Centreline (SHP)

Contains the City’s single line road network (SLRN) in ESRI Shapefile (SHP) format.


1 file



Street Index Map (PDF)

Contains the City’s “double line” (road edge) street map provided in Portable Document Format (PDF).  The map scale is 1:31,500 when plotted on 36in x 48in paper


1 file



Topo (PDF)

Contains a complete series of published topographic maps together with an index map for reference.  The maps are produced using ESRI ArcGIS Desktop (v8.3.1) and they are designed to be plotted on E size (34in x 44in) paper.  The maps are to scale (1:2,500) if plotted on E size paper.



Topo (FGDB)

Contains an ESRI map package (MPK) file, which contains a map document (MXD) file and all of the topographic data referenced by the layers contained within the map document, which are stored in File Geodatabase (FGDB) format.  To extract the contents of the Map Package, use the Extract Package tool within ArcMap, or use ArcCatalog to drag and drop the file into an open ArcMap document.  Please be aware:  Map Packages are supported from ArcGIS for Desktop version 10.0 onwards. Map packages will fail to open with older versions (9.3.1 or older).


Layer Contents:

Ÿ Boundaries:


-       City Boundary

-       Topo Map Index

-       Topo Map Index Text


Ÿ Hydrography


-       Flow Arrows

-       Marshes

-       Rapids

-       Water Edges


Ÿ Landmarks:


-       Golf Course Features

-       Masts

-       Park Features

-       Piles

-       Pits

-       Race Tracks

-       Ruins


Ÿ Relief:


-       Contours

-       Contours Text

-       Spot Heights

Ÿ Structures:


-       Billboards

-       Bridges

-       Building Outlines

-       Culverts/ Headwalls

-       Culverts (small)

-       Dams

-       Docks

-       Fences

-       Overhead Walkways

-       Pools (public)

-       Silos

-       Smoke Stacks

-       Steps

-       Tanks

-       Tower Complexes

-       Walls


Ÿ Transportation:


-       Driveways

-       Parking Lot Edges

-       Parking Lot Points

-       Railways

-       Road Edges

-       Runways

-       Sidewalks

-       Trails


Ÿ Utilities:


-       Electrical Substation Complexes

-       Electrical Transmission Lines

-       Pipelines (above ground)

-       Sewage Settling Basins

-       Towers (electrical transmission)

-       Utility Poles


Ÿ Vegetation:


-       Hedges

-       Trees

-       Vegetation