GeoEye Satellite Image of North York - 2009

Coordinate system: 26917 - "NAD83 / UTM zone 17N"


This dataset consists of an georeferenced GeoEye (IKONOS-2) satellite image taken on September 1, 2009. The image is of the central part of North York (Toronto) including York University Keele Campus, Yonge Street, Downsview Park, and surroundings.

The image mosaic service consists of two image files in GeoTIFF format: A a 11bit panchromatic (black and white) image with a 1 metre resolution and multispectral image with a 4 metre resolution. The multispectral image contains the following four bands:

  • Band 1 = Blue
  • Band 2 = Green
  • Band 3 = Red
  • Band 4 = Near-infrared

Additional product metadata and HDR files containing raster parameters are available in the additional documentation section below

Additional Documentation