Orthorectified and Principal Component RADARSAT-1 Image Dataset for NTS 73M, Alberta

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


Image data contained on the two CDs are not fully calibrated. Radiometric and\/or spatial accuracy is not guaranteed. The image dataset is in ER Mapper raster format. An ER Mapper raster dataset comprises two files: the dataset header file and the data file. The dataset header file is an ASCII file describing the raster data in the data file. It includes information on data type, coordinate system, cell size, bands, extent and other information. It may be viewed by a text editor, such as Wordpad or Notepad. The data file contains the data itself. The raster data are stored in a binary, Band-Interleaved-by-Line (BIL) format with a pixel data type defined in the accompanying header file. The image is in unsigned 8-bit integer format and projected to UTM zone 12 with a datum of NAD83. The pixel size is 12.5 m. There are two image datasets, one on each CD. The first CD contains the orthorectified NTS 73M image dataset, which includes four bands, or channels, to accommodate Standard Beam Mode 1 (S1) ascending/descending images and Standard Beam Mode 7 (S7) ascending/descending images. The second CD contains the orthorectified principal component (PC) NTS 73M image dataset, which includes four bands to accommodate the PC1, PC2, PC3 and PC4 images.