Toronto Centreline

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


TCL Asset includes: 1. Geographic linear representation of transportation corridors, administrative boundaries and shorelines. 2. Geographic point representations of properties and municipal addresses. 3. Various administration areas of city interest. 4. Information linked to transportation corridors, addresses and administration areas. TCL stores linear features representing transportation corridors and boundaries, address points representing properties, doorways, sites, intersection features and area features. All features are attributed with feature codes, with the date they were entered into the asset and the date they were removed from the current asset to the archival asset, with identification numbers unique over time and in the city and with name, lineage and accuracy information. In addition to retaining historical archives, threaded archives are also retained that record splits and merges of address points, of linear features and of area features. All features are linked and integrated.Supports all city operational and planning programs. Examples include Emergency (911) dispatch, city permits, welfare case management, boundary administration area re-alignments, waste collection, traffic control and electoral functions.