Land Information Ontario (LIO) File Geodatabases

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


This product consists of data layers in geodatabase format (.gdb) extracted from the Land Information Ontario (LIO) Warehouse for various time periods, for historical and reference purposes only. There are multiple geodatabases for the same years due to the size of the products, typically they are separated by region or by type of data for the Province of Ontario. The structure and organization of the geodatabases varies from year to year. The data cover:

  • Wetlands (Ontario coverage)
  • Contours (Ontario coverage)
  • Ontario Hydrograhy Network (OHN) and Cartographic products (Ontario Coverage)
  • Additional Data layers (Ontario coverage)
  • These files represent data for the period that the geodatabase was extracted from the LIO Warehouse, these are not current data and should be used for historical and reference purposes only. Most of these data are now available as open data through the LIO Metadata Tool.

    The extract dates are preserved in the date fields provided in the data and metadata table(s) for each geodatabase. The file geodatabase has been prepared as a convenience to users wanting access to all LIO Warehouse Open Data products in file geodatabase structure. If you require SHAPE file format, you can get the data for these from the metadata describing individual data layers from the LIO Metadata Tool.

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