Ontario Railway Network (ORWN) - Crossing

Coordinate system: 4269 - "NAD83"


This data set is a point coverage that can be used to identify the location along the rail network where a track crosses another network. It identifies the location and type of crossing that traverses either on, above or below a track. A crossing includes any structure supporting that part of the track or facilitating the crossing. Crossings are often equipped with public warning signs and audio/visual signalling safeguards to control and protect vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

This layer is part of the Ontario Railway Network (ORWN) suite of 7 Data Classes that have been adapted from Natural Resources Canada GEOBASE National Railway Network (NRWN) standards. The other features are available on the GeoPortal and can be located by searching the following titles:

  • Ontario Railway Network (ORWN) - Junction
  • Ontario Railway Network (ORWN) - Marker Post
  • Ontario Railway Network (ORWN) - Station
  • Ontario Railway Network (ORWN) - Structure Line
  • Ontario Railway Network (ORWN) - Structure Point
  • Ontario Railway Network (ORWN) - Track
  • Please refer to the ORWN User Guide for additional information about the use and context of information stored in this layer.

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