Ontario Radar Digital Surface Model (FL)

Coordinate system: 3161 - "NAD83 / Ontario MNR Lambert"


The Ontario Radar Digital Surface Model (DSM) was created using spaceborne C-Band interferometric radar data collected in February 2000, which represents the average topography and generalized morphology of the reflective surface of the earth.

The Ontario Radar DSM offers several significant advancements in digital elevation data in the Province, specifically:

  • The source data used to re-construct the Radar DSM is from a near global coverage (from 60 degree latitude north to 56 degree latitude south) in a short time period (11 days), which makes surface elevation data consistent and compatible nationally and globally.
  • The source data was acquired using spaceborne Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR), which effectively avoided cloud effect at a higher spatial resolution.
  • The source data were collected by performing a single pass radar interferometry from two antennae, which minimizes land cover and atmospheric effects.
  • The Radar DSM has been interpolated at a consistent linear spatial resolution and geospatial coordinate system to other Provincial elevation products, which allows for seamless integration into the Ontario Integrated Hydrology Data Suite products.
  • Floating point elevation values allow a better representation of hydrological trends at regional, medium-scale.
  • The elevation vertical datum transformation from EGM96 to CGVD28 makes the Radar DSM conform to National and provincial elevation data standards.

The data are available for download in four separate .zip files (two North, two South), please download all associated files for full coverage.

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