Shoreline Status along the Southern Georgian Bay Shoreline 2006-2008

Coordinate system: 26917 - "NAD83 / UTM zone 17N"


The Shoreline Status along the Southern Georgian Bay Shoreline 2006-2008 data set contains information collected by the Southern Science & Information Section (SSIS) which documents the extent of shoreline alterations on the Southern Georgian Bay shoreline. Please note that this data set contains both vector and raster data.

The Steering and Technical Committees for the Southern Georgian Bay Coastal Initiative felt that it was important to have a synthesis of available background data on the types and extent of anthropogenic disturbances on this shoreline as a well as to understand the types and amount of remaining natural shoreline features. This synthesis will be used to engage other organizations and local communities to:

  • Work together to develop management recommendations which allow for sustainable development of the shoreline.
  • Increase awareness, collaboration, and commitment to conserve and rehabilitate the Southern Georgian Bay coast.
  • Identify problems, priorities, threats, strategies, and measures of successful conservation actions aimed at coastal protection and rehabilitation.
  • Identify remaining natural shorelines that should be conserved because of their natural heritage values or because they represent the only remaining natural features in a particular area (e.g., wetlands, alvars, beaches).
  • Identify remaining shorelines that could be managed to provide public benefits (e.g., sandy beaches, boat launches, picnic areas).