Forest Resources Inventory (FIM v2 3D) Packaged Product

Coordinate system: 26915 - "NAD83 / UTM zone 15N"


This version of the Forest Resource Inventory (FRI) complies with the standards outlined in the Forest Information Manual 2007 Technical Specifications (FIM v.2). The inventory's extent is for the entire unit, and is the standard accepted FRI deliverable provided to clients since 2004.

The 3D version of the inventory allows GIS users to view the forest data in 3 Dimensions (z-scale is stored) using specialized GIS Software and Hardware.

Using specialized hardware and software, the imagery is displayed to the FRI Interpretation Specialist in a 3D environment by serving up reference point data that was captured by the aircraft during the imagery-capture flight (height of land, altitude, aircraft pitch, yaw etc.).

The completed unit is processed by the FRI GIS Officers and Project Technicians using internally-written quality assurance routines to ensure that the final version of the inventory is error-free and conforms to FIM 2007 (v.2) specifications.

Documentation about the data structure is provided with the packaged product.