Source Protection Area Generalized Zone de protection des sources généralisée

Data Format(s): Unavailable

Coordinate system: Grid CS = Universal Transverse Mercator; Map Proj = Lambert Conformal Conic; Horiz. Datum = NAD83; Vert. Datum = Not Applicable

The Source Protection Area Generalized (SPAGEN) data class is a smoothed version of the technical Source Protection Planning Boundary (SPPB) owned by the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE). This data set (SPAGEN) directly supports Regulation 284/07 of the Clean Water Act (CWA) and is available to the public for general mapping and GIS applications. Under O.Reg 284/07 section 3, the Minister shall ensure that the boundary data and maps that show the approximate boundaries are available to the public on the Internet. A Source Protection Area (SPA) is an area of land and water governed by a Source Protection Authority which defines the watershed area within which the terms of reference, assessment reports and source protection plans must be developed. A Source Protection Authority is the agency, person or body responsible for developing a Source Protection Plan. 'Generally, the source protection authority follows the same structure as the conservation authority boards, which are made up of members appointed by municipal councils.' Legislated or Legal Authority for Collection: Regulation 284/07 of the Clean Water Act. Additional Time Period Information: Please refer to the “Source Protection Area Generalized – Data Change History” document under the Transfer Options section below for more information.