Provincial Digital Elevation Model (PDEM) Modèle altimétrique numérique provincial - Version 3.0

Data Format(s):

Coordinate system: NAD83 / Ontario MNR Lambert (EPSG:3161)

The Provincial DEM (PDEM) is a general purpose dataset designed to represent true ground elevation and is based on best-available data across the province. The PDEM is based on several source datasets including: the Ontario Radar DSM, Ontario Basic Mapping (DTM points and contours), 2002 GTA Ortho DTM, SWOOP 2015 DTM, LEAP 2010 DTM, and LiDAR 2017/18 (Lake Erie/Essex and Peterborough). This dataset has not been conditioned for any specific application. For hydrologic analysis and watershed related applications (e.g. watershed creation and flow tracing), the Ontario Integrated Hydrology dataset should be used, which is a separate PDEM-derived data product available through Land Information Ontario. Supporting layers include: - North/south boundary shape files describing the outer extents of the PDEM, - PDEM Spatial Metadata Index describing the spatial extents where all the data sources have been incorporated, - OBM Photo Block Index describing when and where data was acquired through the Ontario Basic Mapping program. This index is only applicable to areas still covered by OBM in the PDEM. See the PDEM Spatial Metadata Index for details.