Ontario Flow Assessment Tool Geographic Information (recommended)

Ontario Flow Assessment Tool (OFAT) is an online spatially-based application which automates several technical and labour- intensive hydrology tasks. It allows the user to view select hydrology information such as stream flow statistics. OFAT calculates flow quantity estimation values and several intermediate outputs, such as watershed delineation and characterization. These derivatives can be used by a variety of users and applied to many water-related applications. Using a base map for reference, the OFAT user defines a watershed drainage point on a mapped hydrology feature such as a stream, river, or lake anywhere within the land boundary of Ontario, including Ontario’s Far North. The resulting watershed polygon can then be used within OFAT to summarize key watershed characteristics. The watershed boundary and characteristics are used in Flood Flow, Low Flow, and Mean Annual Flow models. The user can view all spatial and tabular outputs online and download the outputs for further specialized viewing or analysis. A standard Internet browser is required to use OFAT.