OHN - Small Scale Shoreline Réseau des données hydrographiques de l’Ontario : rivages à petites échelles

Small scale shoreline data at the following 7 scales: 1:100,000 1:200,000 1:500,000 1:1,000,000 1:2,000,000 1:5,000,000 1:10,000,000. These small scale shoreline products are intended primarily for cartographic and web mapping display purposes, not intended for analytical work. All analytical work should be conducted using medium scale Ontario Hydro Network data. To access this data contact Land Information Ontario - Support at 1-705-755-1878 or lio@ontario.ca These data classes are complimented by Ontario Hydro Network Small Scale Watercourse and Ontario Hydro Network Small Scale Waterbody available at the same 7 scales.