Kawarthas Naturally Connected 2012 Les Kawarthas liés naturellement

Data Format(s): Natural Heritage System Project - Kawarthas, Naturally Connected 2012

Coordinate system: MNR_Lambert_Conformal_Conic, NAD83

Natural Heritage Systems design is the process of identifying critical areas on our landscape which serve as a landscape backbone a set of natural areas and linkages that are important to maintain the health of the landscape. The mapping of and information about this backbone is useful to support land use planning, stewardship, restoration activities, the conservation of biodiversity, provision of ecosystem services, and other benefits. A healthy environment is the foundation upon which a healthy community is built. The Kawarthas, Naturally Connected project is a collaborative, engagement process in which community members, practitioners, and other stakeholders in the Kawartha Lakes region develop a natural heritage system (NHS) using the best-available data and tools.