Inland Ontario Lakes Designated for Lake Trout Management (2015) Geographic Information (recommended)

Lake Trout lakes are rare. Only about one percent of Ontario’s lakes contain Lake Trout, but this represents 20-25% of all Lake Trout lakes in the world. The province, therefore, as a great responsibility to manage them wisely. OMNRF efforts to develop a coordinated strategy to protect Lake Trout populations in Ontario requires a comprehensive list of lakes currently designated for Lake Trout management. This report lists the inland Ontario lakes (exclusive of the Great Lakes) that are currently designated for Lake Trout management. In addition, the list classifies the lakes as to whether they are to be managed for naturally reproducing populations (‘Natural’ lakes) or as put-grow-take (‘P-G-T’) lakes. ‘Natural’ lakes include those lakes that may have lost populations but have been identified for rehabilitation. ‘P-G-T’ lakes are managed to provide recreational fishing opportunities and/or to direct angling effort away from more sensitive ‘Natural’ lakes. OMNRF policies or guidelines may be applied differently depending on the lake classification, or in other cases may be applied to both classifications in a similar manner. Individual Lake Trout lakes are listed alphabetically in tables organized by OMNRF Administrative Regions. Most lakes managed for Lake Trout will have been identified previously in other resource management plans. This list supersedes previously published lists and will be subject to revision from time to time, as updated scientific assessment and inventory data become available. Subsequent revisions will be posted on the EBR Registry for public notice and comment. More detailed information on individual lakes may be available from local OMNRF offices.