Arc Hydro Quaternary Watershed Sessions - REPLACED Sessions des bassins versants quaternaires d’Arc Hydro

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Coordinate system: Grid CS = Universal Transverse Mercator; Map Proj = Transverse Mercator; Horiz. Datum = NAD83; Vert. Datum = CGD28 - CDN

THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN REPLACED BY THE ONTARIO INTEGRATED HYDROLOGY DATA (OIH). Click for more information: This product is no longer available for download. If you need access, please contact indicating the reason why you need this product. PLEASE EXERCISE CAUTION WHEN USING THIS PRODUCT. THE DATA NO LONGER REPRESENTS THE CURRENT STATE OF OUR WATER RESOURCES. This Arc Hydro Quaternary Session Data product (referred to this point forward as 'AH product') represents a historical snapshot in time of our base and derived data products. Generally, this product complies with the Version 2.x.x series of our derived hydrology data (DEM, EFDIR, and Waterflow) before August 1, 2009; versions which are no longer supported or updated by SDI. Watercourse and waterbody geometry were largely based on data extracted from LIO in 2007/08 prior to the release of the Ontario Hydro Network (OHN). All these data products have been superseded by our current OHN and Ontario Integrated Hydrology Data (OIHD) products. OIHD is in a format that can directly support data analysis in environments such as Arc Hydro. You will find many similarities between the OIHD and AH products, but OIHD is also open for other uses as well outside of Arc Hydro. Because the AH product represents an ideal synthesis of our older versioned data, it will continue to be available for future reference and can be used for comparison with our newer products (eg. for change detection purposes). Users may also benefit from the finer raster resolution available in this AH product (10m/20m raster cell size versus our currently supported 30m products) especially in areas where there has been exceptional OBM DTM coverage. However, the user should be aware that this data may no longer reflect the current changes across the landscape. For data currency, please refer to the OIHD product. The AH product contains the following datasets, which have all been REPLACED by newer products (see their respective metadata for details): - 'Water Virtual Flow - Seamless Provincial Data Set' >> comparable to the new 'EnhancedWatercourse' component of OIHD - 'Waterbody Segment' >> comparable to the current 'OHN Waterbody' dataset - 'Enhanced Flow Direction Grid - Provincial' >> comparable to the 'EnhancedFlowDirection' component of OIHD The AH product also utilized the currently RETIRED 'Provincial DEM v2.0.0' (Enforced DEM) as a source for all the derived raster products. Because the DEM was not stored within the AH product, you can still access the retired DEM from LIO if you so desire. The limitations of the DEM v2.x.x dataset described in the following document also naturally apply to the AH product as well. Arc Hydro (AH) is a geospatial and temporal data model for water resources, which operates within ArcGIS and was developed by the GIS in Water Resources (GISWR) Consortium in the United States. The Consortium is comprised of several members including: - Government agencies - US Geological Survey and the Environmental Protection Agency, - Academia - Center for Research in Water Resources, University of Texas, - Professional partners - Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). AH consists of a set of tools used to create and support a comprehensive water resources framework for hydrologic and related geospatial data analysis. The original focus of Arc Hydro was to support surface water modeling, but work has progressed into the groundwater realm. ESRI plans to link the two systems into one complete data modeling framework in the near future. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry - Water Resources Information Program (WRIP) was involved in a multi-year project to develop standardized Arc Hydro surface water data sessions based on the Quaternary Watershed fabric for the Province of Ontario. Each session contains foundation layers required for fundamental hydrologic watershed analysis. To meet the requirements of Arc Hydro, the project team followed rigorous quality checking and assurance procedures which resulted in extensive and significant base data improvements across the Province. These enhancements are regarded collectively as a 'snapshot' version of our hydrology base and derivative products. Base data updates are happening on a continual basis, which will have implications on any derivative or related product that has been produced to date by the Province. Any further work in Arc Hydro will depend on available resources and support from the various business areas interested in utilizing these data and tools. Some key elements of the project include: - Basic terrain preprocessing developed for each Arc Hydro session populating the Drainage and Network components of the model. - Setting up a Regional ID framework to manage Arc Hydro's HydroID at the Provincial level. - The concepts of Global Delineation and Thresholding explored for complex quaternary sessions and nested watershed scenarios. - Leveraging the WRIP water flow network in Arc Hydro analysis. Additional Time Period Information: The base data products were continually QA/QC'ed and updated as the Arc Hydro Project progressed to ensure spatial integrity across all layers and derivative products. Certain areas of the Province were completed at different periods of time since 2006 and have been versioned internally within WRIP. Generally, these AH products comply with Version 2.x.x of our base hydrology products (DEM, EFDIR, and Waterflow) before August 1, 2009. See Data Source Information section.