ARA Polygon Segment Tronçon de polygones dans une zone de ressources aquatiques

Data Format(s): Shape / File Geodatabse

Coordinate system: Grid CS = Geographic (Lat, Long); Map Proj = Not Applicable; Horiz. Datum = NAD83; Vert. Datum = Not Applicable

Description of the physical characteristics and fish species of lakes rivers or streams and links to more detailed external fish survey information for that waterbody. ARAPOLY is a view represented spatially by existing classes, the Ontario Hydrographic Network (Poly and Line) data classes, and ARA Summary via a unique ID. Since spatial information does not exist for ARA Summary, edits can only be made to attribute information. The information in ARA Summary is based on a combination of many sources, including ARA Survey Point information. A body of water should have one record containing ARA summary information and may have zero to many ARA Survey Point data locations, the data of which may have been rolled up into the ARA Summary Information. The ARA Summary and Survey Point layers are linked through use of the 'ARA Identifier' attribute. Additional Time Period Information: Data layer was implemented spring 2009. It is anticipated that data will be added to this class on an ongoing basis.