Forest Resource Inventory (FRI), Digital Aerial Imagery

Coordinate system: 3857 - "WGS84 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere)"


The Forest Resource Inventory (FRI) is an extensive survey of the forest resources of Ontario. It was originally designed in 1946 to locate merchantable timber species for supplying mills.

Note: This data was updated in 2018 to group all blocks and boundaries together into four image services, organized by UTM zone. This provides more seamless and extensive coverage, and allows for easier downloads due to a significant and lossless reduction in the size of individual tiles.

The FRI was designed as a large-scale survey that would allow general characterization of the forest in terms of species, forest conditions and regeneration. Traditionally, the FRI has been based on aerial photo interpretation, as well as some field surveys.

This imagery will initially serve as a topographic reference base for any new output mapping and will serve as the source for subsequent base data production. The stereoscopic imagery will be used for softcopy photogrammetric application and interpretation. Imagery must be available but not restricted to multi-band colour, multi-band infrared and panchromatic.

The elevation data is required to support the generation of Digital Elevation Models (DEM) or Digital Surface Models (DSM) and subsequent derivative products in support of air photo interpretation, forest management planning and forest management operations.

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